Friday, November 12, 2010

The POWER of Art in Conservation

If any of you artists and photographers ever doubt the power of your work to open eyes and change minds, just take a look at this video from respected wildlife artist Robert Bateman.

As artists and photographers with a passion for the planet, we have so many communication tools at our disposal with the new technologies that we can and must share our message, our concerns and our passions in diverse venues. It’s infinitely easier than it’s ever been before to “talk” to multitudes of people with our paintings, photographs, poetry and prose. The internet and venues like Facebook, You Tube and countless other sites make it easy to reach out and find a like minded audience to inspire to action through our work.

It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “the power of one”. So make a promise to yourself to take some time to figure out where to focus your power to help the planet.

And if you aren’t already doing so, you might consider selling your work in the Art for Conservation Gallery. You choose the organization and the amount of your proceeds you wish to donate from each sale of your work.

If you are not ready for selling, you can always BUY something from You’ll be helping an independent artist, a conservation cause and a small but fabulous business!

Linda Helm
VP, Art for Conservation

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