Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Join the Conversation on Conservation!

Sheesh! Say that a few times really fast!

Anyway, here’s the deal – all of us at Art for Conservation are very committed to the idea of creating community - through the website, the gallery, the blog and assorted social networking venues … the list goes on. We want to generate dialogue because ideas spring from dialogue and action springs from ideas and community turns small actions into BIG RESULTS!

We want to hear from you your ideas, your pet projects, your strategies for making a difference for the planet. And of course we would love it if you want to share some of your images in the process!

Our vision is to give guest writers a variety of opportunities to be published on Art for Conservation – the main categories on the website are Conservation News, AFC in Action, and People Making a Difference. We also have a monthly E- newsletter and our AFC Blog.

So there are lots of places for us to feature your writing, your projects and your images or videos. We want to share, to highlight, to bring attention to you and your work or the work of others – and we’ve only just begun!

Sign up here to become a Guest Writer for Art for Conservation and let’s
Start the Conversation!

Linda Helm
VP, Art for Conservation

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