Friday, March 20, 2009

Burning Hawk Wines - Combining Good Business and Environmental Consciousness

The story of Burning Hawk Wines goes like this:

In May of 2008, a news item catches the attention of Nick Popadopoulos and the folks at Windsor Vineyards. A hawk is electrocuted on a power line, catches fire and falls to earth, sparking a fire at the edge of a vineyard in Windsor, California.

From the ashes of this tragedy a vision was born - to create the Burning Hawk philanthropic wine brand dedicated to saving other birds from the same peril. With the enthusiasm and supportof dozens of birders, business executives, conservation organizations, vintners, friends and family, Nick and his collegues began studying the issues and networking to bring Burning Hawk Wine to market less than 3 months.

This endeavor is a perfect example of the marriage of good business and environmental action.

Visit the website, check out the video, buy the wine, support the concept, help the birds!

10% of all March sales of this wine go to support the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program - an organization near and dear to our hearts here in Fort Collins, CO.

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Nick said...

Thank you very much for blogging about our project. We see our work as "art in a bottle" dedicated to wildlife and birdlife conservation.

It's important to acknowledge your organization and business for showing that making a living and making a difference can be one and the same. Thank you for the example you are setting.

We have a little over a week to go in the Burning Hawk fundraising drive for the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. If anyone has ideas for spreading the word to bird lovers or conservationists we would appreciate the help.

Here is the link to info about this month's fundraiser:

And if any of you ArtForConservation readers have questions feel free to post questions and I'll try to answer as promptly as possible.

Cheers and thanks,

Nick Papadopoulos
Burning Hawk Wines