Friday, October 24, 2008

Hunter Nichols and the Alabama Water Agenda

We recently received a note and a new video from Hunter Nichols, a rising force in the quest to protect the integrity and health of our nation's waterways.

Hunter's home turf is Alabama and he is doing his utmost to call attention to the urgent issues surrounding Alabama's rivers.

Any time you doubt your ability to make a difference as an individual, just check in and see what Hunter and others like him are doing.

Start small. Dream Big. Don't stop.

Please click the link below to watch a short film on The Alabama Water Agenda.

The Alabama Water Agenda is a proactive, citizen-driven campaign for improving water policy in Alabama. The Agenda targets the biggest threats to our waters by ensuring lasting protections through improved state policy.

This film and the printed brochure available at highlight the numerous values of our waterways, the major threats to our waters, and the steps we can take to ensure healthy waters for generations to come.

To endorse and find out more information about the Agenda please visit your elected officials about the Agenda.

To find your state representatives visit can also help by joining, volunteering, or making a contribution to the Alabama Rivers Alliance. For more information please visit

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